Your experienced partner for industrial temperature and humidity measurement from the center of Germany.

LKM electronic GmbH is an experienced partner for industrial temperature and humidity measurement based in Thuringia, Germany. As specialists, we offer a wide range of temperature and humidity measuring devices, temperature sensors, and resistive sensors. Located in Geraberg, the historical cradle of the Thuringian thermometer industry, our headquarters provide us access to extensive experience and comprehensive know-how within the sector. This expertise is reflected in the manufacturing and development of our innovative products.

Our product range includes development, production, and distribution of temperature sensors and electronics for sensor evaluation. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements. Our knowledgeable consultation assists you in finding the optimal products.

Why you should choose LKM electronic

Over 25 years

 product range

In-house production
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Overview of our product range

We offer you everything from a single source. Our core business includes the manufacture of transducers for analog and digital signals as well as handheld measuring devices. Additionally, we provide wireless systems for data transmission and measurement data acquisition modules (MODBUS® for PC, PLC, and minicomputer). Furthermore, we complement our offering with associated resistance thermometers according to DIN EN 60751 and thermocouple thermometers according to DIN IEC 584 and DIN 43710, as well as semiconductor sensors and related accessories such as interface cables and analog power supplies for transducers. Upon request, we also customize our products to fit your required measurement ranges.

Temperature transmitter

Hand-held measuring devices

  • For accurate measurement in large temperature ranges.
  • For resistance sensors, thermocouples, I²C sensors.
  • Digital hand-held thermometer (high accuracy with low power consumption)
  • PC software for digital evaluation in the download area

Radio probe system

Radio system 750 with various radio probes:

  • Thermocouples
  • resistance probes
  • Various I²C probes
  • Analog evaluation (0...10V or 4...20mA) or
  • digital via USB, RS485 interface or
  • Evaluation in Excel possible.


Temperature and humidity sensor for indoor and outdoor use with Modbus communication protocol.
  • Various I²C probes
  • Data is stored digitally in a database system
  • Storage of the evaluation in csv and pdf format
  • Sending the evaluation by e-mail

Data acquisition

Digital temperature recording module for
resistance sensors and thermocouples.
Connection via RS232 or USB
Corresponding software is supplied or
is available on our website in the download area.