About us

LKM electronic GmbH, established in 2000, specializes in industrial temperature and humidity measurement solutions. Located in Geraberg, Germany, our company benefits from being situated in the heart of Thuringia's thermometer industry, providing us with extensive expertise and knowledge in temperature measurement.

Our foundation is built upon decades of experience, fostering continuous innovation in product development and manufacturing. Since 2008, we have actively supported the preservation of thermometer tradition through our membership in the Förderverein Thermometermuseum Geraberg e.V.

At the core of our business is the production of signal transducers for both analog and digital signals, handheld devices, wireless data transmission systems, and data acquisition modules for PC, PLC, and minicomputers. Complementing these are our comprehensive offerings of resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and semiconductor sensors. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Maintaining close relationships with our customers is paramount to us. Thus, we prioritize custom developments tailored to their specific needs, serving as a continuous source of improvement for our products.